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"A Walk in the Woods"
Art that allows you to return to where you've been...or escape to where you'd like to be.
"A Walk in the Woods"
8" x 10"
Category: Limited Editions
Media: Giclee Paper
Edition Size: 350
Framed: None
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Price: US$ 45
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Palmetto Riverside B & B
Sun Time
Evening at Manatee Beach Cafe
The Barn on the Pemi
Rural New England
Only on Weekends New England
Coastal Colors New England
Captain's Colors New England
Today at the Beach
Beach Chairs
Early Bird Special
Duffy's Tavern
Boondocks Bar
Ready for Morning
Sloppy Joe's Key West
Smith Millenium Bridge
Squam Lake Bridge No. 65
Squam Lake Marketplace
Stag at Quincy Bog
Summer's End Squam Lake
Sutton House B&B Center Harbor
Thurston's Lobster Pound, Bernard, Maine
Town Docks, Meredith, New Hampshire
View from the Bridge - Little Squam
Wine Time - Hermit Woods Winery
Woods of Center Harbor
Enjoying the Rod & Reel
Rod & Reel Since 1947
Riverhouse Reef & Grill
The Back Porch
The Boathouse - Wilbur by the Sea
Ponce Inlet Headlight
Afternoon Run Little Squam
Buoys of Mount Desert Island
Common Cafe, Rumney Village
Dining on the Winni
Indian Island, Meredith Bay
Lobster Docks, Portland, Maine
Lobster Shack
Morning Comes Early
Mount Washington
Plain Jane's Diner
West Rattlesnake
Ready for Tomorrow
A Day at the Rod & Reel
Rod & Reel Memories
Roser Chapel
Summer Breeze
Sunny Days
Quiet Time
A Day at the City Pier
A Day at Manatee Beach
Beach Time
Blue Striped Chairs
Net House
Life on the Docks
Lavinia's Relaxed Dining, Center Harbor, NH
Lake Time
Lakeside Birch
Italian Farmhouse
In the Valley
The Inn on Golden Pond
Fracher's Diner
Fall, Longview Farm, New Hampshire
Early Autumn Paddle
Dockside Dorys
Farm Stand
Edge of the Forest
Buoys of Mount Desert Island
Blair Bridge New Hampshire
Bar Harbor
Ashland Splendor
A Walk in the Woods
Autumn Serenity
Red Beach Chairs
The New Rod & Reel
Morgan County Courthouse
Kolb Foster House
Gen. George Jessup House
Dovecote House
Oceans of Color
Front Row Seat
Blue Striped Chair
Odd Man Out II
Coastal Cottage
West End Light II
Surf Life II
Shore Birds II
No Worries
Lazy Afternoon
Hideaway Bay
Four Umbrellas
Dockside Dorys
Beachside Bungalow
Beach Combers
Yellow Umbrella
Surf, Sun & Sand
Seven Sails
Rosalie II
Red, White & Blue
Last Light
Headin' Out
Gone for a Walk
Evening Mooring II
Endless Summer
Coastal View
Happy Hour - Anna Maria City Pier
Fun at the Rod & Reel
Weekend Rest
Star Fish Co.
A P Bell Fish Co.
Pier View Bridge Street
Palmetto Waterfront
A Sunglow Mood
A Sunglow Afternoon
Sunglow & Crabby Joe's
View From the Dock - Cortez Fishing Village, Cortez, Florida
Tranquility - Cortez Fishing Village, Cortez, Florida
The View Behind Star - Cortez Fishing Village, Cortez, Florida
Tending the Nets - Cortez Fishing Village, Cortez, Florida
Seafood Galley - Star Fish Company, Cortez Fishing Village
Our History - Cortez Fishing Village, Cortez, Florida
Morning Run - Cortez Fishing Village, Cortez, Florida
Morning at Star Fish Co. - Cortez Fishing Village, Cortez, Florida
Hub's Tub - Cortez Fishing Village, Cortez, Florida
Heading Out - Cortez Fishing Village, Cortez, Florida
Fun on the Dock - Cortez Fishing Village, Cortez, Florida
Fish to Market - Cortez Fishing Village, Cortez, Florida
Evening Splendor - Cortez Fishing Village, Cortez, Florida
Dockside - Cortez Fishing Village, Cortez, Florida
Dining at Star - Cortez Fishing Village, Cortez, Florida
Sunset Pass
The Beach House Restaurant
St. Augustine Lighthouse
Solitude Bungalow Beach
Sign of the Mermaid
The Shake Pit
Rod & Reel Nights
Poolside Bungalow Beach
Ponce Inlet Lighthouse
Place in the Sun Bungalow Beach
Peaceful Bungalow Beach
Mr. Bones
Morning Stroll
Island Landmark
Haven of Rest Bungalow Beach
Good Ol' City Pier
Evening at the Dockside
The Crabby Kim
Bridge Tender
Bridge Street Pier
Beach View Bungalow Beach
Bay View Bradenton Beach
The Iroquois at Mackinac
The Inn on Mackinac
Streets of Mackinac
Metivier Inn & Lilacs
Metivier Inn
Little Stone Church
Lilacs at the Cloghaun
Lilac Tree Hotel
Lilac House
Lake View Hotel
LaChance Cottage
Huron Street View
Haan's 1830 Inn
Grand Hotel
Dining at the Bay View
Cottage Inn
Biking to the Iroquois
Bay View at Mackinac
Biking to the Sunglow
Sunglow Pier II
Mangrove Hunter
Sandhill Cranes
Welcome to Crabby Joe's, Daytona Beach
The City Pier, Est. 1910
Rustic City Pier, Anna Maria Island
Mar Vista
Life at the Sunglow Pier, Daytona Beach
Egmont Lighthouse, Florida
Bradenton Waterfront
El Caribe II
Sunday Mooring II
Monday Mooring II
South Beach II
Worth the Walk - Anna Maria City Pier
Today at the Pier - Anna Maria Island
The Peaceful Rod & Reel - Anna Maria Island
Sunset Dining - Anna Maria Island
Sunset - Anna Maria City Pier
Sundrenched - Anna Maria City Pier
Sailing By - Anna Maria City Pier
Rustic Rod & Reel
Manatee Beach & Cafe
Life at the City Pier - Anna Maria Island
Gulf Drive Cafe
Good Ol' Rod & Reel
Fishing at the Pier - Anna Maria Island
Fish, Eat, Relax - Anna Maria City Pier
Evening at the Rod & Reel
City Pier Life - Anna Maria Island
Cafe on the Beach - Anna Maria Island
Bird's Eye View - Bridge Street Pier
Biking to the Rod & Reel
City Pier Nights - Anna Maria City Pier
A Day at the Pier
Under the Tuscan Sun - small
Monet's Moment
Dry Dock - Port Clyde
Dance of the Snowy Egret
Tuscan Corner II
Emerson Point (triptych)
Emerson Point - Small
Mediterranean Alley
Water Lilies
West Wind
Terra Ceia Bay
Venetian Art II
Morning Light
Under the Tuscan Sun
A Cortez Classic
Tarpon Pointe Grill
Fresh Seafood
Hangin' at the City Pier
Shore Birds
Sign of the Mermaid II
Taking Flight
Tide Tables, Cortez Fishing Village
Sunglow Reflections
Daytona Afternoon
Takin' A Break
The Start
Final Instructions
Ready to Compete
A Cocoa Morning
Tranquil Bungalow Beach
The Waterfront Restaurant
Sunset Pass
Sunset Manatee Beach
Sunset Flight
Serenity - Bungalow Beach
Island Sunset
Island Sun
Evening Flight
Dinner at Sunset
Bean Point Sunset
Bean Point
Miss Sheila
Robinson Preserve
Manatee High School
Manatee Courthouse
Gentle Manatee
Dockside Dining - Cortez Fishing Village
Shore Birds
Order Up! Cafe on the Beach
Old Duffy's Tavern - Anna Maria Island